ABlyth Downloadable Measuring Tape
ABlyth Downloadable Measuring Tape

ABlyth Downloadable Measuring Tape

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Use this measuring tape to roughly measure your sizes before ordering. Print out the sheets onto A4 paper (not US Letter), at 100% (do not increase or decrease zoom). We strongly urge that you still confirm with a small ruler that the Downloadable Measuring Tape printed out accurately enough for your purposes. Do not use this tape for scientific or critical measurements.

This item is delivered as a .pdf document.


  1. Signup and "purchase" this item (it is free, you will not be charged anything).
  2. It will arrive in your email
  3. Print it out
  4. Cut the tape into strips along the grey areas labelled "cut here"
  5. Lineup the ends of the tape from A to G. Look for the most convenient point on each strip, and lineup each number. For instance, the 24cm mark on strip A, should line up with the 24cm mark on strip B.
  6. Use sticky tape to join the two strips together. Repeat for the remaining strips until you have one long measuring tape.

Also, refer to each product's description for size information, or the size chart for more information.